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Bachmann Trains Pacific Flyer Ready To Run Electric Train Set HO Scale

Bachmann Trains Pacific Flyer Ready To Run Electric Train Set HO Scale
Bachmann Trains Pacific Flyer Ready To Run Electric Train Set HO Scale
Bachmann Trains Pacific Flyer Ready To Run Electric Train Set HO Scale
Bachmann Trains Pacific Flyer Ready To Run Electric Train Set HO Scale
Bachmann Trains Pacific Flyer Ready To Run Electric Train Set HO Scale

Bachmann Trains Pacific Flyer Ready To Run Electric Train Set HO Scale    Bachmann Trains Pacific Flyer Ready To Run Electric Train Set HO Scale


We advise you to use a reputable carrier service when returning your goods. Please check the Voltage information and make sure it matches the one in your country. In case it's not stated in the description, do ask us.

We guarantee that your issue will be solved quickly. We usually respond within 24 hours on weekdays. Pacific Flyer Ready To Run Electric Train Set - HO Scale. Assembly and breakdown of trains in the railway yard is tough work, but this 0-6-0 steam switcher is ready to get the job done.

Watch the video to see the set in action! This ready-to-run train set includes: 0-6-0 steam locomotive and tender with operating headlight, gondola, box car, offset cupola caboose, body-mounted E-Z Mate couplers, 36 circle of snap-fit E-Z Track including 11 pieces of curved track and 1 curved plug-in terminal rerailer, power pack and speed control, illustrated instruction manual. Discover Everything Bachmann Trains Offers to Get Started in Model Railroading.

Since 1833, Bachmann has been known for providing innovative design at a good value. We are now one of the world's largest distributor, by volume, of ready-to-run train sets, locomotives, track, and accessories. Bachmann is also the only train company to offer products in all five of the most popular scales: N, HO, On30, O, and Large Scale. As a distributor of beloved Thomas & Friends products, Bachmann brings the adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine to life with a growing line of complete train sets, separate sale items, and accessories for children from 8 to 80-just add your imagination. Thomas & Friends is available in both HO and Large Scale.

Bachmann's exclusive snap-together E-Z Track System makes track setup quick, easy, and fun. And SceneScapes buildings and accessories let you add the finishing touches for the perfect layout. General Helpful Tips and Tricks for Related Bachmann Products. If You Are Purchasing a Train Set, It Will Include.

E-Z Track available in either black roadbed with steel alloy rail or gray roadbed with nickel silver rail. Decide where to set up your train a dry, firm, flat surface works best! To make sure you have enough working room, make a test track layout by loosely placing track in desired configuration. The terminal/rerailer section will later be connected to a power pack and power supply, so place it near an outlet or power strip. Install under-track magnet, if your set comes with one. If your set does not come with one, magnets are available separately HO Item No. 78999; N Scale Item No. Assemble the track by pushing together. Make sure the rail and joiners are seated properly. Be careful that the rail joiners do not slip under the rail without properly connecting.

This can cause train derailments and electrical circuit interruptions. After track is assembled, double-check for joint connection and fit by lightly running your fingers over the top of the rails in both directions. If you detect bumps or distortion on the track surface, recheck the rail joiner fit. Power supply and speed control are plug and play; no tools are needed.

Power is supplied to the track and the locomotive by the power supply, speed controller, terminal wire, and E-Z Track terminal/rerailer. First turn knob on the speed controller counterclockwise until it stops (all the way to the left).

Next attachterminal wire to the speed controller by plugging it in where it says'To Track. Then plug terminal wire into the E-Z Track terminal rerailer.

Firmly push connector onto the track terminals. Finally plug the connecting wire from the power supply into jack on the speed controller labeled'In. Then plug power supply into a live wall outlet.

Some sets may come with a speed controller with two push button connectors. These are used to supply AC power to accessories. To make positive and secure connections to these, push in buttons and insert each of the bare ends of the connection wire from your accessory. The speed controller is capable of powering one accessory at a time. Putting the Train on the Track.

Put the locomotive on the track and run the wheels back and forth over the terminal rerailer track. When the wheels glide smoothly over the track, you know the wheels are all on the track. If your set comes with a tender, attach it to the locomotive. Add the rest of the cars that come with your set by placing them on the track and running them back and forth over the terminal rerailer until they glide smoothly.

Then gently push the cars together they will engage automatically. Do not try to connect cars when positioned over an under-track magnet.

How to Use E-Z Mate Couplers (HO and On30 Scale). Your set may be equipped with E-Z Mate magnetically operated knuckle couplers that let you perform real railroad switching and yard operations.

Coupling two cars with E-Z Mate couplers is as easy as pushing them together when they are not over an under-track magnet. Uncoupling occurs only when over an under-track magnet and when there is no tension between the cars. To uncouple E-Z Mate couplers, stop two couplers directly over the under-track magnet. With no tension between the cars, the couplers will open automatically. If cars will not couple, check to be sure cars are not positioned over the uncoupling magnet or parked on a curve. If cars will not uncouple, check to be sure the couplers are positioned directly adjacent to the magnet position indicator and that the indicator is placed in line with the center line of the under-track magnet. Check that the magnet is secured to the underside of the track and fitted with the steel plate provided. How to Run Your Train. Turn the knob on the speed controller clockwise until it stops (all the way to the left).

Plug in the power supply. Begin feeding power to the track by slowly turning the knob on the speed controller clockwise.

Observe the direction of your train. If it moves backwards when the controls indicate forward, stop the train. Then simply disconnect, flip, and reconnect the terminal wire to the terminal rerailer track. Remember never leave your train running unattended!

Action Checklist (Troubleshooting If Your Train Doesnt Run or Stops Running). Is the power supply plugged in to a live receptacle? Are the wheels on the track? Is the track properly assembled?

Is the track properly seated in the rail joiner? If your train stops or fails to start, a short circuit may be indicated. If this is the case, Unplug The Power Supply Immediately. Common reasons for a short circuit: derailed wheels may cause a short. Check to make sure all wheels are on the track.

Also check all connections and make sure there is no metal of any sort across the rails. After checking everything carefully, resume operation. Please note, your power supply is protected by a circuit breaker that automatically resets after a short circuit is corrected. Allow up to 5 minutes for the circuit breaker to reset before resuming operation. Keep Your Train in Top Operating Condition. Works better after couple hours of break-in time. Train performs best under clean operating conditions. Clean wheels and a clean track ensure good electrical contact. After about every 8 hours of operation, wipe the track rails and exposed wheels with a soft, lint-free cloth. Removal of black residue is normal. Do Not Use Steel Wool To Clean Your Track. Do not use common solvents, they may damage plastics - use track cleaner. After 24 hours of use, light lubrication is required to keep train in top operating condition. Bachmann E-Z Lube or other hobby-grade lubricants are recommended. Bachmann hopes you enjoy your train for many years to come! Bachmann Trains - Pacific Flyer Ready To Run Electric Train Set - HO Scale. The item "Bachmann Trains Pacific Flyer Ready To Run Electric Train Set HO Scale" is in sale since Friday, October 29, 2021.

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Bachmann Trains Pacific Flyer Ready To Run Electric Train Set HO Scale    Bachmann Trains Pacific Flyer Ready To Run Electric Train Set HO Scale